Letting Agents

Having been let down, at short notice, by another supplier, high profile London letting agent, Currell approached us to discuss their inventory needs.

The challenge was to move quickly on understanding and delivering Currell’s property inspection requirements. Our action plan included making full use of our spare capacity and keeping Currell informed of our progress as we got to know each other. Our partnership approach resulted in Letcheck winning the inventory portfolio across all of Currell’s branches.

We urgently needed an inventory supplier so we carried out some research on London’s most established providers. Letcheck claimed to offer something different in their approach so we met and discussed our needs and preferences.

I was immediately impressed with their professional and flexible approach, they really listened and within weeks it felt like we had been working together for years. They delivered from day one and within a short amount of time they had earned our trust, we now enjoy a strong professional partnership.

Letcheck are easily the most responsive, friendly and accommodating inventory company I have worked with in the last 22 years!

Christine James, Currell