Tired of trawling through long reports in PDF format?

We feel your pain

We now deliver easy to search reports that can extract just the information you need, in a user-friendly platform that saves you 50% trawling time, without compromising on the detail

We sat with experienced property managers to understand their needs, then designed and built a new way to deliver information that makes your life easier

In addition to the full Check Out Report, you can now see a streamlined summary highlighting the crux of deposit deductions. Simplifying, without sacrificing detail.

This report has been formatted in conjunction with the TDS, My Deposits and DPS deposit adjudicators and can be downloaded in a PDF format to share externally

The Cleaning Report is another filtered version of the full report. This is available on both check in and check out reports, laying out what is needed, perfect for contractors or obtaining spot-on cleaning quotes

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Off the back of our Summary Report, the Letcheck Worksheet is another time saving feature to dramatically cut time spent on deposit deductions

The Letcheck Worksheet is an editable version, where you can add and edit your own notes and costings, to streamline deposit returns

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In addition to the additional report types shown above, we have made some additional improvements to our existing reports: