Which inventory company has (almost) as many fans as Apple?

LetCheck Inventories carry out regular client satisfaction surveys and the results of the 2017 survey have been received and analysed.

They scored a Net Promoter Score of 71%, compared to Apple with 72%.

The Net Promoter Score is based upon the percentage of customers who would recommend a company to a friend or colleague. These are “fans” of the company who would rate it 9/10 or 10/10.

“Whilst we clearly still have more work to do, scoring over 70% is a phenomenal achievement” said director Adrian Kelly. “If any element of our service is not performing, this impacts our client relationships, so to score so highly overall in a tough industry is a credit to each and every member of our team”.

“Our commitment and investment ensures we have the finest support team in place to back-up the best trained clerks in the industry. We believe this shows in our NPS”.