New System Features

Have you ever wished for a simpler end-of-tenancy process?

We’ve been listening. We understand the weight that end-of-tenancy negotiations can carry, and how those hours add up.

We sat with experienced property managers to understand their needs, then designed and built a new way to deliver information that saves you time without compromising on detail

Your Portal

You should have already been provided with a login and password, but if you do not have this, please contact us

The below videos give an overview on how to navigate and use the new system, demonstrating a check in and a check out report:

Please click on the options below to view our new features, including the filtered report options:

New Report Features

Enlargeable photos – click on the photo on the web report to enlarge it to full screen, and save if required

Colour coded apportioning – no more sifting. Understand renter liabilities, fair wear and tear, and landlord info with one glance, thanks to our new colour scheme.

Comparisons to check in – view the property condition and cleanliness standards, as well as meter readings, from the check in report

Easily search for content within the report. Use ‘Ctrl + F’ on your Chrome browser to search for and be taken to your keywords

Summary Report

In addition to the full report, you can now see a streamlined summary highlighting the crux of deposit deductions. Simplifying, without sacrificing detail

This report is available for check out reports only, has been formatted in conjunction with the TDS, My Deposits and DPS deposit adjudicators and can be downloaded in a PDF format to share externally

Cleaning Report

When logged into the portal, you will have the option to view the Cleaning Report, a filtered version of the full report. This is available on both check in and check out reports, laying out what is needed, perfect for contractors or obtaining spot-on cleaning quotes

This report filters out all of the comments in the report relating to cleanliness (with a comparison to check in when viewing a check out report)

Sharing Reports

As our reports are now web based, you can share them with anybody using the copy/share link option at the top of the report page

Please note that if the person receiving the report link does not have a Letcheck login, they will be able to view the full report, but will not have access to the cleaning and summary reports

You can also use the PDF button on the right hand side in order to open a PDF version of the report to save or download if required

Off the back of our extremely popular Summary Report, we are delighted to introduce another time saving feature to dramatically cut time spent on deposit deductions

The Letcheck Worksheet is an editable version of the Summary Report, where you can add and edit your own notes and costings, to streamline deposit returns

This new feature is already live and available on your client portal

  1. Visit and log on

2. Select any Check Out from your library

3. Click on to Summary Report view and click the Excel icon

4. Your Letcheck Worksheet will appear in your Download file on your PC

Open this to begin reducing your end of tenancy workload